Our Planners

Shaun and I have daily planners to help with our procrastination issues. We both have Clever Fox daily planners, which we got from amazon but I suggest going onto their website cleverfoxplanner.com. I have honestly not loved a planner more than this one, and I am so impressed with the quality and the attention toContinue reading “Our Planners”

Why I Got off of Hormonal Birth Control

In March of 2019, my significant other and I talked about me getting off of hormonal birth control. At the time, I was training for a powerlifting meet, and I felt like I couldn’t make any progress. One day, he sent me a video of a female powerlifter who talked about why hormonal birth controlContinue reading “Why I Got off of Hormonal Birth Control”

Habit Tracker

Have you often thought you are accomplishing a lot? Your day seems so busy and it feels like you get a lot done throughout the day, then you sit down to write out exactly what you accomplished, and realize, it is not very impressive. I recently started using a habit tracker. I decided to useContinue reading “Habit Tracker”


Shaun and I have talked many times about gratification. It doesn’t always have to mean receiving gratification from things, it can also mean appreciating everything around you. One thing that I have heard from many successful individuals is how everyday they write a list of things they are grateful for. I have toyed with thisContinue reading “Gratification”