I am a Soul and This is my Vessel

As humans, we often take our lives for granted. A lot of people think about others dying but not about themselves dying. When was the last time you thought about passing away? If you have thought about it, are you young or old when it happens? I think this is an interesting take on life. I often do not think deeply about passing away. I think about it at surface level and how it may impact the individuals I love. However, I wrote my eulogy once, I wrote it how it would sound if I died today and I wrote another one, how I hope it would sound when I die in my 100s.

This was truly one of the first times, I thought deeply about my death. It had quite the impact on me, it made me think about how I am living my life, and how I want to be living my life. So, when I heard this quote while listening to Brad lee and Tommy Vext, it really got me thinking. There are a lot of meanings and ways to interpret this saying. Here are a few that resonated with me.

“I am a soul and this is my vessel.” The first way to interpret this is the health aspect. We are a soul, so our soul will continue to move on after our vessel expires. So, the better we treat our vessel, the greater likelihood it will last longer. If we eat healthier foods, follow a diet, so we are not overweight or obese for most of our lives, exercise regularly, including cardiovascular exercise and weight training. Barring an accident, our vessel with operate longer and more efficiently.

I am a huge proponent of health and longevity. I believe in treating your body well and it will treat you well. Listen to your body, it will tell you if it likes something or does not like something. Experiment and document, how do you feel after smoking a cigar, how do you feel after going for a walk, how do you feel after eating pasta compared to white rice. The more we can analyze and listen to our vessel, the better our life will be.

Aside from food and exercise, we can look at a spiritual level. Our soul is going to continue when we die. So, in this life, do not be so afraid of dying, that you forget to live. Most likely we were reincarnated into our current vessels. Once we came out of the wound, we forgot our previous lives. So, while we are in this life, we get to add to our souls experiences. Then when we pass away, we will be reunited with all of our past lives. We will be able to reminisce and review our previous lives with our most recent one. Then after time has passed in our afterlife, we will get the opportunity to be reincarnated again, into a new vessel. Which starts another chapter in our souls eternal life.

This new life we receive, will come with new challenges, hardships, love, and experiences. Our soul will continue to learn and grow, while stacking experiences. So, with that in mind, we should do everything in our power to build good experiences. To overcome challenges and hardships, while being the best versions of ourselves possible. Part of what I believe and I got this from Ed Mylett, is at the end of our lives, we get to meet the highest version of ourselves.

This can either be heaven or hell for us. Heaven is, we meet the highest version of ourselves and they are our identical twin. We have everything in common and they are so proud of the person you became. Hell is the exact opposite, hell would be meeting the highest version of yourself and that person is a stranger. That stranger is disappointed in you and says they do not even know you. This is a reality you have to live with the rest of your souls life, is knowing you either became the highest version of yourself or you did not live up to your highest potential.

With these beliefs and knowing our soul will continue on after we pass away, it does not have to make dying as scary as it is, as long as you have been living at the highest version of yourself. If you have not, then you may want to be concerned and start living to your highest potential. We should treat our bodies well, since this is the only vessel we get in this lifetime. Lastly, fully enjoy this life, build experiences, break through challenges, and conquer hardships, so when you are reunited with your past lives, you have some good stuff to reminisce about.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor

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