Experimenting With Your Body

Do you experiment with the things you put in your mouth hole (in a PG way)? Do you try different foods, different drinks, different combinations, to see how your body responds? What makes you feel good, what makes you feel crappy, and what can you tolerate in small doses? If you don’t, you definitely should.

We all have different bodies and different genetics. What might work for you, wont work the same for your siblings or friends. You may be able to process carbohydrates better than fats. So, you feel more energized eating carbs than when you eat fats. Maybe there are certain types of carbs you notice breakdown better than others. So, you should probably stick to those carbs for most of your meals. This is the same with all food types. Protein, carbs, and fats. Try out different ones, see which ones your body likes. It is not about what you think tastes good but how you feel afterwards.

There are all types of diets out there. Diets however, are not a one size fits all. People want to follow a fad diet, like carnivore, keto, Adkins, Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian, etc. The problem is, will you actually follow these diets? Do you feel your best on these diets? Instead of trying to fit in these predetermined boxes, society has set on you. Why not experiment and eat how your body wants you to eat? Sometimes eat for your pallet and enjoy yourselves but we should be focusing on fueling our machines with premium fuel.

It is not bad to consume the things that do not make you feel good, as long as it is in moderation. I try to consume 80% of my meals with food that agrees with me. For the other 20%, I may eat stuff that makes me feel lethargic, upsets my stomach, or gives me gas. I try to reserve these foods to nights or weekends. I know what foods affect me, so I tend to stay away from them during working hours. For me, the big things that slow me down are noodles, whole grain stuff, processed breads, too much sugar, yogurt, high amounts of oats or rice.

Try this out for yourself. Think of what foods you know make you feel well and which ones make you feel lethargic. Try them out again, alone, without other food influencing them, and see how you are affected.

Remember, the best diet is the one you will follow.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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