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Sam and I are on our honeymoon traveling Europe. We started in Krakow Poland, then went to Prague in Czech Republic, and we are currently on a train to Munich, Germany, to experience Oktoberfest. We are having a blast and experiencing a lot. Traveling like this is a lot of fun because you get toContinue reading “Perspective”

Crystals and Tarot

I enjoy dabbling into tarot cards and crystals from time to time. I’m not super huge into it or know the meanings of everything but I’m curious if they ever apply to my day. Some of the power can come from the fact that it is putting the thought in my brain, which increases theContinue reading “Crystals and Tarot”

Are You A Victim

When was the last time you thought or said “of course that would happen to me” or “things never go my way?” This is dangerous negative self talk. It is exactly what being a victim is. You think you are somehow inferior to others because of your circumstances. Guess what, I do it too… ButContinue reading “Are You A Victim”


I find enjoyment  from writing everything down. All the books I write in, are my journal, planner, goal notebook, and Q & A a day. I write in all of these notebooks almost every day.  Each one of them has it’s own purpose, it isn’t necessary to have all of these, but it is whatContinue reading “Journaling”


The art of being patient is starting to be lost in our society. With technology advancing, we are fueled by instant gratification, which Shaun and I discuss in many posts. Patience is a skill I constantly have to remind myself along with Shaun on a daily basis. Lately, Shaun and I have been trying toContinue reading “Patience”

Choose Your Hard

The best part of life, is we are in control of ours. There is outside stimuli that we may not be able to control but we can control how we respond to the stimuli. We are in control of our life and our decisions. So… We get to choose what kind of hard we wantContinue reading “Choose Your Hard”

Find Your Tool

If you follow Shaun and I and have read our blogs, most of them are things we are currently trying to change in our lives. I wrote a handful of blogs on fixing procrastination, which includes things I was planning on trying throughout the summer. If you didn’t notice, I haven’t done any of them.Continue reading “Find Your Tool”


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