Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Growing up, I wanted to be like my older sister and play in band. I wanted to play drums, but they wouldn’t let me. So, I got paired with the clarinet instead. I loved it, and I was able to learn the saxophone as well. My enjoyment went so deep that I continued into collegeContinue reading “Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument”

Figure Out Your Style of Goal Setting

I am a procrastinator and I’m not afraid to admit that. It’s a trait of mine that I have been trying so hard to get over. Now, I have listened to many successful people, read different personal growth books and have heard different ways to reach your goals. I want to explore different ways onContinue reading “Figure Out Your Style of Goal Setting”

Making Improvements

If you have been following us for awhile, you have noticed we are slowly making changes and improvements to our website! We will no longer be posting our podcast episodes on an individual post. If you scroll to the bottom of the home page, you will see the link to our two most recent episodesContinue reading “Making Improvements”

The World Owes Us Nothing

This past weekend, Shaun and I did some volunteering by cleaning up garbage at a local park. It is a big event that our home town puts on and different groups are assigned different parts of the city to clean up. It is always interesting for me, because you see the true side of people.Continue reading “The World Owes Us Nothing”

Doing what it takes

I remember growing up and my dad or his friends would sometimes have to go work late at night. Sometimes they would bring us along to help. Maybe it was plowing snow, maybe the cows got out of the fence at one of our neighbors, or something else. It was normal then, we were notContinue reading “Doing what it takes”

Ep 82 – Tutor: Financial Literacy On today’s episode, Shaun and Sam tutor on financial literacy. Topics discussed: Invest your money Inflation is losing your money almost 8% per year Investments can help you increase your money if done correctly Thank you for listening and let us know what you want to learn next!

Ep 81 – Talk: Office Setup, Would You Rather, and Lack of Motivation On today’s episode, Shaun and Sam talk about the new office setup, we ask some would you rather questions and the lack of motivation we have had in March. Topics discussed: What we want for the office Would you rather Our 12 week year goals Lack of motivation in March Sam’s in name limboContinue reading “Ep 81 – Talk: Office Setup, Would You Rather, and Lack of Motivation”

Patience For Growth

I have written multiple times about selling my previous company and starting a new endeavor. Often times with starting this new endeavor, I feel like I need to start growing right away, to get it producing like the company I just sold. I have to remind myself daily of the process I took in myContinue reading “Patience For Growth”

Ep 80 – Tutor: (Feat Ryan Gray) on The Beginning and Middle Parts of Owning a Business On today’s episode, Shaun, Sam and Ryan tutor on the beginning and middle parts of owning a business. Topics discussed: Find your niche market to create income Invest in your business to get it to grow Once you get a good income, then you can start scaling Create systems and get a great teamContinue reading “Ep 80 – Tutor: (Feat Ryan Gray) on The Beginning and Middle Parts of Owning a Business”

Ep 79 – Talk: Bad Habits, Cars, Bringing Value On today’s episode, Shaun and Sam talk about how sweets are Shaun’s downfall, cars, and how business should be about bringing value. Topics discussed: Sweets decrease Shaun’s productivity What car we want next Business isn’t about making money Bring value to your customers Thank you for listening and let us know what you wantContinue reading “Ep 79 – Talk: Bad Habits, Cars, Bringing Value”