Do Challenging Shit

Our society is overrun with convenience. Everything is about efficiency and staying comfortable. Instead of going out and having to gather our food and kill animals to survive, we have grocery stores. Not only do we have grocery stores, but we can also order our food online and have someone deliver our food to ourContinue reading “Do Challenging Shit”

Staying Busy Versus Productivity

Shaun hosted his very first Real Estate conference this past weekend. I was able to attend and listen to some wonderful speakers. One of the points that stood out to me was staying active but not getting anything done. I don’t remember how he actually said it, but that was the main point of it.Continue reading “Staying Busy Versus Productivity”

Technology is Destroying Us

Shaun and I have always been very conscious on what we put into our bodies. So, we decided to look into what we are body on our bodies as well. We discussed it on our latest podcast episode 179 if you want to hear more. I wanted to bring this up because it has madeContinue reading “Technology is Destroying Us”

3 Most Important Things In Life

I first heard this concept on Brad Lees, Dropping Bombs podcast. Once I heard it, my reticular activating system activated and I started hearing these things more and more often. Here are the 3 most important things in life. The most important thing in life is health. If we are in poor health, we willContinue reading “3 Most Important Things In Life”

Two Months into My 30s

I understand that I just wrote a blog on what has changed in me mentally since turning 30, but I wanted to give an update on some things that I have changed, or realized. I would like to keep doing these, just so I can track myself how I change over time. Sometimes trying toContinue reading “Two Months into My 30s”

Work Life Balance

Work life balance used to be a lot easier to accomplish than it is today. Back before cell phones, people had to either be at work or home to be contacted. Since they could not be contacted at all times of day, they were able to disconnect from work and have more work life balance.Continue reading “Work Life Balance”

The Weakening of Society

Do you ever think of how big of pussies society has become lately? Men are the weakest they have ever been. Obesity is at an all time high in 1st world countries. Everything is fueled by hormones and emotion while logic is thrown out the window. People don’t know if they are men or womenContinue reading “The Weakening of Society”

Morning Routine

Utilizing a morning routine is definitely a hot topic. Go on social media and there is no short of morning ritual testimonials out there. Most every, so called guru and successful individual, attribute a portion of their success to having a morning routine. If you have watched or listened to any of these, you haveContinue reading “Morning Routine”

You Have Time

Recently, I have discovered I have more time than I thought. I have had some unforeseen circumstances happen in my life where I needed to find time to visit my Dad more often. When it started, I thought there was no way that I would be able to make enough time to see him asContinue reading “You Have Time”

The Power of Thinking

Our world is filled with distractions. If you are ever bored, all you have to do is pull out the computer in your pocket and voila, you are no longer bored. With this technology we have and the ability to distract ourselves at all times, sitting and thinking, without distractions, is a thing of theContinue reading “The Power of Thinking”