The Power of Thinking

Our world is filled with distractions. If you are ever bored, all you have to do is pull out the computer in your pocket and voila, you are no longer bored. With this technology we have and the ability to distract ourselves at all times, sitting and thinking, without distractions, is a thing of the past. However, it could be one of the most important things and we are neglecting it.

It is easier than ever to get in the daily flow of life. Most people are not contemplating their existence, they are not thinking about their purpose. They wake up, go on their phone, eat some processed food, go to work, sit on their phone, come home, distract themselves with more screens, eat more processed food, stay up too late, and do it all over again. There is nothing extra, they are not taking time to think about their purpose. They are not thinking about reality and how they can contribute to it. They are simply going through the motions of life.

If you want to get out of this rat race, you need to first realize you are in it. The only way to do that, is to think and have an epiphany. Once you realize you are in one, you can then spend more time thinking on how to get out of it. This part is crucial! It is good to identify a problem but it is crucial to get to work on how to solve that problem. The best way to accomplish that, is to brainstorm possible solutions. I have spent a lot of time thinking throughout the years but recently I have been doing it more and for longer stints.

I started taking 30 minute walks, about 20 minutes in, I get to thinking really well about some of the problems I am facing. I then get 5 to 10 minutes of good thinking on how to solve some of my problems. Stuff I have been struggling with for a year, I am starting to get answers for, all by removing distractions and giving myself enough time to think. I am going to start taking this practice and turning the radio off in my car. I am going to set time aside to sit alone at home with minimal distractions to continue problem solving.

Start with a 15-30 minute walk or isolate yourself in one of your rooms. Do not bring your phone with and make sure there is not a lot of distractions in your room. Bring a pen and paper to write stuff down when you start to have epiphanies.

Get out of the rat race and start thinking.

Your life Tutor

Shaun Tutor


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