Goals or Habits?

With the new year upon us, we are all setting our yearly goals. Most of us will make our goals, write them down, put them in a drawer and forget about them until November, when we think back on what we have done the past year. I say this because I am guilty of doing the same thing! Last year, I quit doing the yearly goals, I switched to having a vision. My vision is what my ideal version of myself would look like. So, when I set goals or milestones, which were not one year goals, I made sure they aligned with my vision. Then I would execute on those tasks with my vision in mind.

Recently I heard Alex Hormozi talk about this. He does not set goals like most people, he thinks of the individuals who relate most to his ideal version of himself, then he executes as if he were them. In his essence, he is executing as if he was a billionaire. So, instead of making a goal of being a billionaire, he thinks of what a billionaire would be doing or analyzes billionaires, then acts in a similar manner to them.

I like this thought process a lot! When I do things, I would think of my vision and see if things aligned with my vision. Instead I should be thinking of my vision, not as paper with text but as an actual person. I need to think of what that person would be doing, how he executes, how good of a husband he is, what his hobbies are, his wealth, his kindness, how he shows up in all aspects of his life. This gives a lot more depth to the person I am trying to become. It also gives me a role model I can look up to, even if the character is made up at this point in time.

So, Sam and I were talking at the end of last year. We discussed not setting goals because we already know where we are heading. Instead, we are going to take some habits our ideal self would be doing and we would start implementing those habits. We set out 5 habits each, some we currently did but maybe not at the standard we want and some new ones we believe our ideal self would have.

I am enjoying this way more than setting a goal. We will be doing tasks daily and weekly to progress us to who we want to be. We will keep you updated on how this technique works. I have a lot of faith in it because its daily and weekly habits, so it will be hard to forget about doing them. Compared to a goal we write on a piece of paper, stick somewhere and forget about it for months at a time.

I am excited for the new year and new growth!

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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