Tracking Your Progress

Listen to episode 155 of the Tutors of Life podcast and you will hear Shaun and talk about our priorities for 2023. Now, having these priorities is great but they aren’t going to mean much to us if we don’t track our progress throughout. How am I supposed to know if I am actually following through with what I say I am going to do if I don’t keep track of it.

There are times where I tell myself that I will write it down later, but then completely forget what it is. So, if I can’t even do that, why should I trust myself if I read 10 pages of my non-fiction book last week. It is just too much little stuff to keep in your mind and will leave you unfocused. Instead, have a journal and keep track of the things you did and didn’t do and why. I make a little habit chore chart in my journal where I mark the item off once I finish, and then the next few pages are my daily entries where I can write other thoughts. This way, at the end of each month it is easy for me to count how many days I was successful.

As you see from above, I like to make mine short and simple. If I overload it with things to track, then I feel like a failure before I start. This way, if I become consistent for two straight months, I will then add a few new habits to keep track. If for some reason after a few months the habit isn’t sticking with me, then I try to alter what I want to achieve. There is no point in beating a dead horse. Try something new that will get you a similar result. Not every habit works for everyone, so find what works for you.

As you see, if you do not keep track of your habits, then how will you know if they are doing you good or bad? You won’t! Unless you are some magical genius that can remember everything you do everyday. If not, then write it down! Being able to look back on how and why you got started in the first place will make you motivated whenever you hit a slump. I like to look back at some of my old journals, and I can tell how much I have grown with the increase of my habits. If I didn’t have those to reflect on, then I wouldn’t have quite as clear of an image on my improvements.

Keep pushing and write down your progress.
From Your Life Tutor


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