Two Months into My 30s

I understand that I just wrote a blog on what has changed in me mentally since turning 30, but I wanted to give an update on some things that I have changed, or realized. I would like to keep doing these, just so I can track myself how I change over time. Sometimes trying toContinue reading “Two Months into My 30s”

Work Life Balance

Work life balance used to be a lot easier to accomplish than it is today. Back before cell phones, people had to either be at work or home to be contacted. Since they could not be contacted at all times of day, they were able to disconnect from work and have more work life balance.Continue reading “Work Life Balance”

Starting My 30s

I recently turned 30, and to be honest it scared the shit out of me for the past year. In my mind, I feel like I should be further along in my goals than I am at my age. I also have this feeling like my clock is ticking faster than I want. The niceContinue reading “Starting My 30s”

To-Do List Versus Scheduling

At my workplace, we have been trying to figure out better ways to make our employees more productive. One thing we remembered is that everyone is different. Right now, we have our employees write down what they did throughout the day and we have them scheduled for specific duties as well. So, some is freeContinue reading “To-Do List Versus Scheduling”

Morning Routine

Utilizing a morning routine is definitely a hot topic. Go on social media and there is no short of morning ritual testimonials out there. Most every, so called guru and successful individual, attribute a portion of their success to having a morning routine. If you have watched or listened to any of these, you haveContinue reading “Morning Routine”

You Have Time

Recently, I have discovered I have more time than I thought. I have had some unforeseen circumstances happen in my life where I needed to find time to visit my Dad more often. When it started, I thought there was no way that I would be able to make enough time to see him asContinue reading “You Have Time”

Your Time’s Worth

Shaun and I have been focusing on this lately. It has become important to us to make sure we are filling our time with things we really care about. Over the past few weeks, we have learned how precious time is and you never know when you won’t have anymore. So, you need to fillContinue reading “Your Time’s Worth”

Goals or Habits?

With the new year upon us, we are all setting our yearly goals. Most of us will make our goals, write them down, put them in a drawer and forget about them until November, when we think back on what we have done the past year. I say this because I am guilty of doingContinue reading “Goals or Habits?”

Tracking Your Progress

Listen to episode 155 of the Tutors of Life podcast and you will hear Shaun and talk about our priorities for 2023. Now, having these priorities is great but they aren’t going to mean much to us if we don’t track our progress throughout. How am I supposed to know if I am actually followingContinue reading “Tracking Your Progress”

You Know What You Need To Do

Recently, I talked about our experience with attending Rob Bailey’s mastermind. My one takeaway from the event was, “You already know what you need to do, you just need to execute.” Today, I want to tell you why this is so true! You may feel like you need advice because you are not sure whereContinue reading “You Know What You Need To Do”