Should YOU Get Coaching?

It seems as if everybody and their brother has a coaching program now. Almost anyone you look for in the business realm or personal development has a coaching program. I think coaching has turned into less of a necessity and more of a shiny object. How many of us really need coaching right now? WhatContinue reading “Should YOU Get Coaching?”

The Importance of Multiple Opinions

Have you ever had work done on your car or home? Have you had it looked at by one person and think, how in the world am I going to pay for this? After you stress over it for way too long, you call someone for a second opinion. They take a look at itContinue reading “The Importance of Multiple Opinions”

4 Months Being 30

It took me awhile to think about what I was going to write. It hit me when one of my co-workers started talking about zodiac signs. I am a Capricorn (I go based off of the original 12) and I was looking at the characteristics when I felt disappointed. One of the items that gotContinue reading “4 Months Being 30”

How Do You Occupy Your Time

Time is our only finite resource. It is the only thing we are not able to gain more of. We have the amount of time we have and depending on how we treat ourselves, depends on if that time goes down or stays the same. So, how are you occupying your most precious resource? AreContinue reading “How Do You Occupy Your Time”

Do Challenging Shit

Our society is overrun with convenience. Everything is about efficiency and staying comfortable. Instead of going out and having to gather our food and kill animals to survive, we have grocery stores. Not only do we have grocery stores, but we can also order our food online and have someone deliver our food to ourContinue reading “Do Challenging Shit”

Staying Busy Versus Productivity

Shaun hosted his very first Real Estate conference this past weekend. I was able to attend and listen to some wonderful speakers. One of the points that stood out to me was staying active but not getting anything done. I don’t remember how he actually said it, but that was the main point of it.Continue reading “Staying Busy Versus Productivity”

3 Months Into My 30s

We are another month in and I keep learning more about myself. This months highlights are: drinking is overrated, it is never too late, always be prepared. Also, in the past month I have started 75 Hard, which I think has allowed me to reach a newer potential with the monthly check ins. I haveContinue reading “3 Months Into My 30s”


Life, work, business, entrepreneurship, etc. is not always glamorous. People do not always win, they often times lose and sometimes, they lose hard! The billionaire list was released yesterday and Sam and I discussed it this morning. Nearly half the planets billionaires are poorer than they were a year ago. Along with that 254 peopleContinue reading “Failing”

It is All a Mental Game

I have been trying to improve my habits and be more productive. It has been a challenge to keep myself consistent with some of them. I go on good spurts but then I will fizzle out. So, Shaun and I decided to do this challenge with his family and it is supposed to improve mentalContinue reading “It is All a Mental Game”