The Reason Behind the Collections

If any of you listen, or watch our podcasts you will know that I have a thing for collecting items. I’m not a hoarder thankfully, but I have a few collections that peak my interest and I like to take good care of them. My main collections are Harry Potter items, books and Pokémon cards.Continue reading “The Reason Behind the Collections”

Finding Your Strengths

Being an entrepreneur and starting your own business is a hard thing to do. But as you go along and you start adding people, you can start focusing on your strengths in your business. When you start a business you usually have to do everything at first, but once you are able to fill positions.Continue reading “Finding Your Strengths”

Getting Over the Mental Block

Today, while Shaun and I were recording our podcast we talked about how our phones are our #1 distraction. It doesn’t seem that hard to me to stop using it as a source of entertainment, but Shaun says it is a really tough thing for him. This reminds me of other struggles we have talkedContinue reading “Getting Over the Mental Block”

Why I Got off of Hormonal Birth Control

In March of 2019, my significant other and I talked about me getting off of hormonal birth control. At the time, I was training for a powerlifting meet, and I felt like I couldn’t make any progress. One day, he sent me a video of a female powerlifter who talked about why hormonal birth controlContinue reading “Why I Got off of Hormonal Birth Control”