We Are a Team

If you have listened to our most recent podcast (episode 56), you will hear all of the things we have accomplished this year as a couple. It is hard for me at times to think about accomplishments, because most of them feel like they were Shaun and not me. It may be different once weContinue reading “We Are a Team”

Financial Freedom

With selling my shares of Stable Living, I acquired most of the properties Ryan and I owned together. This turned out to be very beneficial for both of us. I am a huge proponent of passive income and that is exactly what I will receive by getting the properties. With all the rentals Sam andContinue reading “Financial Freedom”

The Power of Job Coaches

For the past couple years, I wanted to get a mentor or a job coach. I have heard really great things about job coaches from friends who have them and I thought it would help progress me personally and in business. I kept my eyes open but did not search diligently for one. Then RyanContinue reading “The Power of Job Coaches”

Habit Tracker

Have you often thought you are accomplishing a lot? Your day seems so busy and it feels like you get a lot done throughout the day, then you sit down to write out exactly what you accomplished, and realize, it is not very impressive. I recently started using a habit tracker. I decided to useContinue reading “Habit Tracker”


Shaun and I have talked many times about gratification. It doesn’t always have to mean receiving gratification from things, it can also mean appreciating everything around you. One thing that I have heard from many successful individuals is how everyday they write a list of things they are grateful for. I have toyed with thisContinue reading “Gratification”

Mental Toughness Evaluation

If you have been following along in my blogs for the past 5 weeks, I have been talking about mental toughness and breaking it down. After everything I learned, I wanted to see where Shaun and I are for mental toughness. We took this quiz 20 question quiz (since it was free) and got ourContinue reading “Mental Toughness Evaluation”

Buyout of My Business

There are some new and exciting things in my partner Ryan’s and my life. We have been great friends for 7 years and we have been business partners for just shy of 5 years. Him and I hired job coaches a few months back. A big part of what we have been working on withContinue reading “Buyout of My Business”