Kraków, Poland

The Tutors recently went to Europe for their Honeymoon. So, we will did a few posts on the places we went and what you should do, see and eat while you are there.

Krakow is one my new favorite destinations that I have gone to. It is a very colorful city and it is cheap and easy to get around. For the most part we walked around while in Old Town, but if we needed to go further we would get a taxi which were very reasonably priced. There is a tram that you can use throughout the city and it does offer a tourist pass as well.

I highly recommend staying in an Airbnb or hostel near the Main Market Square or Rynek Glówny is Polish. There is so many restaurants, bars, shops close by the square that will keep you entertained for ever if that is what you are in to. We stayed in an Airbnb that was maybe 400 ft off of the square and it was so nice. It is an easy place to catch a taxi and the tram stopped a block away from where we were at.

For things to do in Kraków, here are our top options:
1. Auschwitz
2. Wieliczka Salt Mine
3. Wawel Castle
4. Schindler’s Factory/Jewish Quarter
5. Explore around the Market

There are other things you can do here, our time was limited so we weren’t able to enjoy all of the wonderful things Kraków and surrounding areas have to offer. We highly suggest doing a day tour of Auschwitz and Wieliczka in one day. It is a lot of walking, but those two were our favorite things and it is nice to get them done in one day. We saw other day trips to Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains and also to Ojców National Park. If you are looking for a more nature on your vacation, these are two great options for you!

Now onto my favorite part. The food! One of the best foods you can eat while here are pierogis and one of the best place’s is Pierogarnia Krakowiacy, which is just off of the main square. They had so many flavors and they all tasted so amazing. Another good option to try out are kebabs, and Poland isn’t the only place we saw them so don’t worry about missing out on them if you don’t get to it. Otherwise, there are so many restaurants around the square and you should be able to find any type of food that you like.

Overall, Kraków is a 9.5/10 for me on places I have visited and I will for sure go back sometime in my life. It is a great place to learn a lot of deep history, try amazing food and walk around.

From Your Life Tutor


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