Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was our next stop on our vacation! I have heard a lot of people loving Prague, and it made me nervous. There have been other cities in the past that others told me they loved and I wasn’t a fan. The drive in from the airport made me a little skeptical, because it just looked like another normal city. But you could tell when you got into the beautiful Prague that everyone talks about.

Honestly, I don’t know if any place is more photogenic than Prague. The building are so unique and colorful and there are many courtyards and walkways to explore around the city. The city is honestly straight out of a fairytale when you are walking around. The first day there, we got a walking tour through Airbnb, which was so wonderful. Our tour guide told us lots of great tricks and information about the city that we wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise. We were given a huge list of restaurants and bars that are the best for specific food types. We were told things that we needed to make sure we go do, and it really helped us plan our next day in the city.

Prague is another great place to go for wonderful food that is very cost affective. It was a little more expensive than Poland, but not anything compared to the US. Prague’s food item that is in most places is goulash. I don’t know about you guys, but what I know as goulash is not the same thing that they have. I honestly love their version so much more and wouldn’t be apposed to learning how to make it. Our Airbnb this time around was a block away from Wencesias Square. The square has lots of food and shops open. It’s also a very pretty walk, the architecture is so unique and just breathtaking while you are walking around.

Shaun and I were very lucky when it comes to seeing cool things while there. The St. Charles bridge is going to be closed soon for restorations that may take 10-15 years to complete. They are also taking all of the original statues off to preserve and replacing them with replicas. The other amazing thing was the Prague Astronomical clock. The clock goes off every hour and has a tower that you can pay to go up to the top of. Currently, they are allowing the public to see the inside of the clock. The workers don’t tell you that when you buy your ticket. But there is another side area that you can enter with your ticket that has it in there. We were able to watch the clock go off from the inside, which was very neat. The next time they allow the public to see this again will be in 100 years. The last thing is that they are repainting all of the buildings back to their original colors. When we got our tour, it was the first day that they removed the scaffolding from the front of Mozart’s Concert Hall.

For me, Prague was just a beautiful place to walk around at a leisurely place and just relax. We were able to try so much good food, and just enjoy the scenery around us. I would love to go back for a week, to find different coffee shops and place to write blogs and catch up on work. There were many other options for things to do in Prague, but like I said, we limited our time there but it is a MUST see.

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