Clearing Out Your Mind

A common issue that Shaun and I have is having too much shit running around in our minds. Sometimes, it is so bad that I have a hard time even thinking of what I want to work on first, because there it feels like there is so much to do. This past summer, Shaun had a super hard time figuring out how to handle it. My first thought was to write it all down and then start checking things off one by one. So he started.

I personally have a planner near me at all times, so I can keep adding to my list that I have in my notes section. Shaun, uses Onenote on his phone to add tasks onto his never-ending list whenever he has a thought. There are other options that you can use as well, so figure out what works for you!

A plus side about this method is that your brain can actually visualize what is going on. By being able to visualize the list, it will feel less stressful because you don’t have to remember all of the tasks or constantly think about them. By having your tasks written down, you won’t forget about them as easily. I know, part my issue was I would think about something I would want to do after work and then forget about it once it came time to do it. So, by writing or typing things out, you don’t forget them and you get the satisfying feeling of crossing it off later.

Another good habit to get into, is brain dumping at the end of the night. I have a journal next to my bed and I will write down any tasks or thoughts I have on my mind at that time. This helps my mind calm down which makes it easier for me to sleep. Then when I wake up, I can look at my journal and add any tasks I thought of the night before to my planner.

My favorite benefit of all, is having a clear mind. The reason my mind focuses so much on all of the things I need to do, because it is a long list. When I have that long list floating in my mind, I am unable to concentrate on any task that I am trying to work on. Once I have a clear mind, it is easier for me to focus and complete the task more efficiently.

Go make your task list and don’t forget to keep adding to it as you go along.

From Your Life Tutor

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