Selling Yourself

You are the best salesman you know, when it comes to selling yourself. Do you ever want an ice cream cone, you know you do not need it and you should follow your diet, but somehow, you are able to convince yourself why you deserve it, how you will work it off, or that it is a warm day, so you should cool off. We do this with everything we want or do not want to do. We tell ourselves all sorts of wild stuff to get what we want.

Thus, we are the best salesperson when it comes to selling ourselves. I would say it is a daily occurrence I face, where I am trying to sell myself an easier path in life. I am trying to convince myself I deserve that snack or I shouldn’t do xyz because I don’t have time. All it is, is excuses. We sell ourselves on these excuses daily, so we can be more comfortable. It is quite sickening how much this runs rampant in our minds. The question is, what do we do to make a change?

We have to turn down the salesman and do the opposite. When we start selling ourselves to do something comfortable or take the easy route, we need to deny that talk. We need to do the uncomfortable thing we are trying to avoid. We need to do things that challenge us. This is a good way to reverse our thinking. By taking action and doing the things we do not want to do, it will build confidence in our actions. The more we can do this, the less selling we will be doing to ourselves.

Today when you try to sell yourself on taking the easy route. Deny the salesperson and take the uncomfortable route. It will build character and make you stronger.

Deny your salesperson

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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