Buyout of My Business

There are some new and exciting things in my partner Ryan’s and my life. We have been great friends for 7 years and we have been business partners for just shy of 5 years. Him and I hired job coaches a few months back. A big part of what we have been working on withContinue reading “Buyout of My Business”

Tracking your well-being

How are you doing? Are you progressing in life the way you wanted or expected to? When you have a stressful day at work, do you carry that stress into your personal life? If you have a great day, how do you keep that momentum going and how do you plan to replicate those feelingsContinue reading “Tracking your well-being”

Mental Strength

Right now, there is a challenge going around called 75 hard. If you haven’t heard it, then look it up because there are some neat elements to it. I have seen a lot of people posting about trying it, but doing their own version. It angers me a little bit on the inside every time,Continue reading “Mental Strength”

What Do We Look Like From the Outside

For anyone that has been reading multiple blogs by us. I bet you are wondering if we actually do all of the things we have been telling our readers to do. For the most part, YES! Shaun and I are very simple people, and work hard for our future. We start off our days byContinue reading “What Do We Look Like From the Outside”

Having a Support System

The power of having a support system is immeasurable. Having friends, family, colleagues to fall back on, when things get tough, is a powerful thing to have. No matter who you are, you will have set backs or let downs in life. Navigating these times are easier with a support system. Having individuals who believeContinue reading “Having a Support System”

Book Review: “Girl, Stop Apologizing”

Today, I finished “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis. I read her first book awhile ago and LOVED it. Her first book was the first personal growth book that I ever read, so I have a soft spot for Rachel in my heart. No offense to men, BUT it was super nice to read aContinue reading “Book Review: “Girl, Stop Apologizing””

Being a Lighthouse

Have you ever seen friends or family struggling in a realm where you have some knowledge? Maybe they are struggling figuring out a budget or they are having relationship issues and you have been there before. Whatever the issue they may be having, if you have some knowledge in the field, you probably have beenContinue reading “Being a Lighthouse”