3 Months Into My 30s

We are another month in and I keep learning more about myself. This months highlights are: drinking is overrated, it is never too late, always be prepared. Also, in the past month I have started 75 Hard, which I think has allowed me to reach a newer potential with the monthly check ins. I have experienced a mental clarity that I have never had achieved in recent years, and the habits I have gained from doing this challenge play into that.

Alcohol/Drugs are overrated
Ever since I have been legally allowed to drink, I always believed that I needed it to have confidence and be social. Which, doesn’t make sense when I think back on my younger self. I am sort of an extroverted person, but I have never been afraid to show people who I truly am. The one side of me that I love showing is my weird, energetic, goofy band geek that I was growing up. I liked keeping that going into my college years as well. I’m not sure when I stopped being that type of person in public, but I used to be able to be like that without any substances. In the past five year, I felt like I needed a substance to help me be that person again. At the time of me writing this post, I have been sober for 25 days. I never drank a whole lot, but I thought I needed it to be social. The few social engagements that I have gone to without drinking have been so much more fun, and it was easy to be social without it. This has made me gain so much confidence in myself and realized how overrated substances are.

It is never too late
There are times in our lives where we feel like it is too late to try something new. It isn’t. I know I am only 30 and haven’t lived much of a life, but there are things that I thought I already missed out on. I was wrong. I can still learn so much, and achieve so much. My situation might be different then yours because I don’t have kids or something else. Even if I had kids, I would still want to try something new, especially if I thought it could better me or my family. We only get one life, so make sure you don’t regret anything.

Always be prepared
Life or situations can change at any moment, so make sure you are prepared for anything. My dad has been in the hospital/nursing home for four months now. I was not prepared for what my family had to go through. Now, I am way more equipped for if something like this happens again, to him or someone else. Thinking back on it, there were things I could have done myself to prevent the things that happened or been better prepared for it. Obviously, I know we can’t be prepared for everything, but there are little tweaks we can make at any time. I plan on leaving my job in a year or two, so why don’t I start doing things now to make sure everything is squared away for when it happens. It only takes me a little bit of time every day to make sure things are in writing or to teach someone something new. This way if a better opportunity comes, I don’t have to regret not doing more before I leave. Think of it in that type of way, your life is a job and you want to be prepared for anything that can happen at said job.

Overall, I think this is the most progress I have made in a month and I have to give most of the credit to 75 Hard. It is only going to grow exponentially with the challenge continuing. Well, I hope you enjoy hearing about my 30s and how I have been growing. Take these things and think how you have changed in the past month and make sure that your months are worth it. If they aren’t, then how can you change to make them better?

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