Book Review: “Girl, Stop Apologizing”

Today, I finished “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis. I read her first book awhile ago and LOVED it. Her first book was the first personal growth book that I ever read, so I have a soft spot for Rachel in my heart. No offense to men, BUT it was super nice to read aContinue reading “Book Review: “Girl, Stop Apologizing””

Being a Lighthouse

Have you ever seen friends or family struggling in a realm where you have some knowledge? Maybe they are struggling figuring out a budget or they are having relationship issues and you have been there before. Whatever the issue they may be having, if you have some knowledge in the field, you probably have beenContinue reading “Being a Lighthouse”

Proactive VS Reactive

I always thought proactive and reactive were terms dedicated to the workplace. I always thought if you were reactive in the workplace, you were always working to solve issues. You could not focus on growth because you are too busy reacting. I thought in order to grow and become better in business, you needed toContinue reading “Proactive VS Reactive”

Designing a Space for You

This past weekend, Shaun and I were able to go down to Milwaukee, WI for some events. While we were down there, we decided to go drive along the lake. In Whitefish Bay, there are these giant mansions along the lake and in near by neighborhoods. As you all know, Shaun and I love doingContinue reading “Designing a Space for You”


If you listen to our podcast, episode 28 we discussed consistency, which led into a discussion about manliness and how society is killing it now-a-days. Being masculine, used to be a positive trait. Now there is such a thing as “toxic masculinity,” where the media and news portray having manly traits or having competition asContinue reading “Manliness”

What most people are lacking

There is a specific trait most individuals lack to perform, in certain areas of their life. They may perform this trait in a lot of things, such as going to work everyday, brushing their teeth everyday, going to bed around a certain time, but they may lack the trait in aspects they “want” to doContinue reading “What most people are lacking”