The Power of Word

Word is one of the most important tools we have. We can use this tool for good or bad. It is up to the individual using the word, what kind of words they want to use and what they intend to do with their words. It is also up to the receiver on how they interpret the words. Depending on both individuals personal experiences, will determine how word impacts them. Their are positive impacts and negative impacts, it is up to us to use those words in a positive manner and to not take what people say personally.

Everyone has a past and everyone has experiences, which shape who they are today. Through these experiences, we have started believing certain things about ourselves. We have told ourselves things that may or may not be true, which is now our identity. When I was a kid, I remember trying to draw, build things with legos, and do creative things, I was not the best at it, but I had fun. I remember when I was in preschool, and we made a pottery dish, I had the same initials as a little girl in my class. I put a lot of effort into making a nice bowl, I was having a lot of fun doing pottery because I remember my mom did pottery and I thought it would be awesome to do something my mom did. After we sculpted the bowls, we put them up for the weekend to dry, when we came back to school Monday, the little girl took my dish. I told the teacher what happened and asked for my dish back. The teacher did not believe I was telling the truth and told me I just wanted the other one because it was better than the one I made. I was crushed and hated the bowl I had to take home.

So, starting at a really young age, I believed what I heard, I started telling myself, I am not an artist, I am not creative. So, if there was ever anything that involved drawing or creating, I automatically counted myself out. Those things I used to have fun doing, drawing, building legos, etc, all of a sudden were not as fun to me. I told myself I was too stupid and did not have artistic abilities. So, I believed what someone told me, whether it be true or not, then it became my identity. Up until late last year I still believed this, until Sam told me something.

She said, you may not be a traditional artist, but you are creative. I thought about it for a little bit, before she explained. I may not be able to draw or do photography but when it comes to business or finances, I do copious amounts of thinking and brainstorming on ways to make things make sense. I creatively come up with ideas on how to make things work when it relates to business. So, this whole time I was telling myself I am not creative, I am not an artist, I live within the confined boxes that everyone else made for me, until now. I realize I am creative, I do come up with different/new ideas. I think and think to try and make things work, to problem solve. In my own creative, I can be an artist of making deals work, I can be an artist in problem solving but it is up to me to believe that.

Now, if someone tells me I am not an artist or a creative, they may think that because of their own personal experiences or trauma but I do not have to believe what they say, I will not be effected by their word.

So, what lies have you been told or are you telling yourself that are not true. What words define you that you would like to change? All they are is words, you can change them at any time and start believing what you want to believe. With this, you will need to start thinking about what you are saying. When you talk to yourself or others, you need to think of how those words may effect you or may effect them. If what you are saying is negative or gossip, how is that effecting you and how are those words effecting others?

Be conscious of your word, it is the most powerful tool we use.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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