It is All a Mental Game

I have been trying to improve my habits and be more productive. It has been a challenge to keep myself consistent with some of them. I go on good spurts but then I will fizzle out. So, Shaun and I decided to do this challenge with his family and it is supposed to improve mental toughness. We are at the very beginning of it, but it has already taught me quite a bit. The main theme is that it is all in our heads

One of the biggest things I have noticed is that I’m not good at pushing myself, but when I am included in a group that keeps me in line then it is different. This challenge has been easier than I thought, mainly because I do not want to let people down. Which, makes me kind of sad that I don’t have an issue letting myself down. I hope by the end of this challenge I will be able to keep myself accountable without having to rely on others.

Another thing that is very mental, is that there is plenty of time in a day. This challenge requires multiple things that require time throughout the day and I have been able to find so much time now. I have added things into my schedule and I have actually been able to get more done in my days now then before the challenge. So that has been super exciting and I am excited to see that continue on once this challenge is over.

You truly can do anything you put your mind to. I had some doubts that I would struggle with some parts of this challenge but I haven’t allowed myself to even think of failing. Without those thoughts it has been so easy to just keep pushing myself. Also, don’t be afraid to just jump into things, you will probably get further than you think. I have wanted to do this challenge for so long, but I thought I needed to prepare myself for it more. I had a 4 hour notice that we were going to start this and it was probably the best way to start. Get over the fear, it is all in your mind.

Obviously, mental toughness is hard and it is hard to convince yourself of things. You can very easily start believing in yourself when you repeat is over and over again. I highly suggest writing 5 things down that you want yourself to be and naturally you can start changing. I have always thought myself as a procrastinator. Recently, I have changed my thought process and told myself I am productive and follow deadlines. It has been so much easier to not procrastinate now that I don’t identify myself as one. You can change your own personal perception of yourself and improve in so many ways.

Remember to keep pushing and it is all a mental game
From Your Life Tutor


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