Bad Habits

I talk about bad habits quite frequently, but it is one of my favorite topics to learn about. This is the time that I can improve myself little by little, and bring everyone on the journey with me. Honestly, I try to write about events that are happening in my life as much as possible.Continue reading “Bad Habits”

Challenging yourself

If you are interested in growing mentally or physically in life, you should be challenging yourself. It is crucial for growth in life to take challenges head on. These challenges can be anything, no sweets for a week, make a certain amount of cold calls at work, show up 15 minutes early to your shiftContinue reading “Challenging yourself”

Finding Your Mental Balance

Lately, I have been struggling with finding a balance for my emotions. I will get really mad super easily, and my lows come out of no where. It has started to affect how I go about my days. I have been trying to figure out what I have been doing differently in the past coupleContinue reading “Finding Your Mental Balance”

Continuing to Minimalize

Last week Sam and I started minimalizing. We have made our way through our bedroom, our kitchen, our living room, and our entryway. We had a lot of stuff we were not using! We are putting together a garage sale for the majority of our things, whatever does not sell at the garage sale, ifContinue reading “Continuing to Minimalize”

Why Sleep is Important

We can all tell when we wake up and feel like we have had a good nights rest. Last night, I did not have the greatest sleep, so I figured I could talk about how important sleep is. Shaun and I are completely different with how we sleep, he is a heavy sleeper and canContinue reading “Why Sleep is Important”