Leveraging Time

Last week I wrote a blog on leveraging money through loans. This week I want to discuss leveraging your time. I think time is our number one non-renewable asset we have. If you become super wealthy and can buy anything in the world, you cannot buy back the time you spent building your wealth. You cannot buy new time, all you have is what you have. With that being said, you can definitely utilize your time better and possibly extend your time you have.

I did a blog on time a little while back, which had our typical lifespan as humans. I broke down how we currently spend our time, feel free to check that out here. Some of the things we could do to extend our time include, eat healthier, exercise, do not be overweight or obese, manage our stress, read, choose activities that do not have a high chance/risk of death. With this extra time, should we leverage it? I think so and here is what I mean.

How is your time best spent? Is it best spent working on your profession? Increasing your income and skills to produce more income? Spending time with your family? Traveling and building experiences? Going to networking events? Exercising? Spending time with your pets? Learning new things? Or is it best spent doing these things? Mowing your lawn? Cleaning your house? Going to the bar? Working on your car? DIY home project? Gossiping about others? Scrolling social Media? Watching TV?

Now.. What if we leveraged our time by using a calendar. We fill out our calendar with the positive things we want/should do. Then add our work into the calendar, then see what time we have left for the not so positive things. The things that bring us minimal value but consume a lot of time. As we are viewing how much time we have left, now is the time to make a list of the things we could have other people do for us (leverage). Could we hire someone to mow our lawn or work on our cars, so we can spend some extra time with our family? Could we put guidelines in place to not sit on our phone for an hour when we get home and instead take our dogs for a walk. Instead of going to the bar to drink, maybe we go to the bar for a networking event.

So, with looking at these things, is there a way to leverage our time, to do the things that bring value to our life?

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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