The Habit of Complaining

Complaining is the expression of dissatisfaction or annoyance about something. This is a very unfortunate habit that I have picked up over the years. I don’t know how or why I started, but I am trying to stop. It is a habit of mine that I have been very conscious of the past month and it is one of the things I hate the most about myself. It is a negative release of energy that I feel bad for putting on to someone else. They weren’t apart of it most of the time, but now I pushed my negative energy onto them and instead I should push more positive things.

I have recently taken a management position with my current company. Before, I always had my manager before to talk to about things. She usually was there with me or had similar complaints to mine already. It allowed me to enjoy work because I had someone there to validate my feelings. Now, without her I have been slipping up on complaining about things to my team. I don’t do it often, but after the fact I feel bad because they don’t need to hear the things I have to say. It is my responsibility to make sure that they enjoy work and that they can always talk to me about anything.

I enjoy my job, but there is always those little annoyances that pop up. So, I am in the process to remember everything I am grateful for and focus on those things instead. I need to bring back the positive energy and concentrate on that. I have talked about it before, it is hard to get out of those negative thoughts. But the more conscious you are of it, and the more you focus on the positive, it is easier to stay in the positive.

A few things I want to try are writing daily affirmations in my planner and writing my complaints down. Most of the time I want to complain because it is a thought in my mind that I need to get to make room for other things. So by writing them down, I can get them out of the way and focus onto the positive. For the daily affirmations, I want to find a page that will post one every single day. This will allow me to get a little bit of positivity to start my morning and allow my mind to focus on it throughout the day.

I will also write down 5 positive things about myself every morning and throughout the day write good things that happened. I enjoy writing because it is easier for your mind to remember it. This way, I will be able to get the bad out and allow for the good to stay longer. Also, by writing things down, I can look at what things I should avoid in the future to stop those little annoyances.

I hope this post gets you thinking on what type of person you are to others around you. Take some time and write down some of your thoughts during the day which will allow you to see if you have a positive or negative mindset. We have lots of life to live and we might as well enjoy it and everything we have to do to survive. My goal is to make not only my life better, but the people that are around me.

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