What is Your Brand?

We all know what a brand is. Look at your favorite clothing line, your favorite automobile manufacturer, your favorite restaurant. They all have one thing in common, they have a unique brand. There is something they do, which distinguishes themselves from the other companies out there. This “thing” makes them your favorite, which in turn, separates them from the competition.

It is quite easy to see these brands exist, my question today is… What is your personal brand?

There are things we do, personality and physical traits we have, which makes up our brand. These things separate and distinguish us from everyone else in the world. They are the things which allow others to love us, like us, or dislike us. These things are our unique brand. Here are some of the things that make up your brand:

  • How you dress (style)
  • What your body looks like
  • How/what you eat
  • What your drive
  • Where you live
  • What your hobbies are
  • What events you go to
  • Who you hang out with
  • Are you a morning or night person
  • Are you organized and structured
  • What your skill sets are
  • What you do for work
  • Your personality

These are a few things to consider when thinking about your brand. There are many more things that make up your brand but here is a place to start. Start superficial. What do you wear? How do you look? What would you think if you saw somebody like you? Then start digging deeper. What are your positive and negative personality traits? What are your skills? Once you write this down and make your brand, ask yourself if you like your brand. Would you identify with your brand? Is that where you would spend your most time?

Then ask yourself, what would you like to change about your brand? Maybe you are not disciplined, maybe you are not a morning person, maybe you lack a skill set you wish you had. Now is the time to address those things, write them into your brand. Once you have them in your brand, you can make a plan to incorporate those traits. Now you have the vision of what you want, you have the plan to incorporate it into your vision, the last thing to do is take action.

Through this, you can create your new brand. It may take 3-6 months for others to see changes in your brand but you will be able to see little changes every day.

I hope you resonate with your personal brand. If you do not, you can always change it!

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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