Assets VS Liabilities

When we talk about assets and liabilities for financial freedom, we are not thinking of the accounting assets and liabilities. We are not trying to balance our asset to liability column, that would be considered living paycheck to paycheck. With assets and liabilities in life, we want more assets than liabilities. Assets bring us inContinue reading “Assets VS Liabilities”

Get out of the Rat Race

Most people have played the most known investing board game, Monopoly. It can be a fun game when you are winning or a very frustrating game when you are losing (I am sure most people have experienced these emotions, while playing Monopoly). However, I found a game that has a lot to do with investingContinue reading “Get out of the Rat Race”

Why Compulsive Buying is Bad

Instant Gratification is a huge detriment in our society today. Sam will write a blog on it later and expand on why we should stay away from it. I am going to talk about instant gratification when it comes to spending money. We need to learn how to say NO to ourselves and others. IfContinue reading “Why Compulsive Buying is Bad”

A Simple Breakdown to Budgeting

Budgeting can be your best friend or your worst. Your budget can bring you to levels you never thought you could attain. Your budget can also hold you back from doing things in the moment, that could give you instant gratification. A budget is a double edged sword but I believe it is the mostContinue reading “A Simple Breakdown to Budgeting”

Is refinancing right for you?

Recently Sam and I decided to consider refinancing. We had an interest rate of 5.5%. This interest rate is high with the current market but when we were purchasing interest rates were around 4.5%-5%. When we started looking to buy our house, we were preapproved by WHEDA with an interest rate of 5%. They wereContinue reading “Is refinancing right for you?”