Is A Mastermind Worth It?

I have not always been a huge fan of masterminds and conferences to hear people speak. It is for one main reason, I already know what I need to know. I have endless information at the tip of my fingers, so I do not need to pay for a conference or mastermind to get the insight. Recently, I decided to go to Arete Syndicate conference to see two of my idols speak (Andy Frisella, Ed Mylett).

I listen to Andy and Ed’s podcasts every week. However, there was something different about being in a crowd of 2000 people, watching them speak. The environment in a place like that is very positive and energetic. We were starting to realize it is not only about the content we are learning but it is mainly about the networking and atmosphere. They encouraged us to get out and meet people at lunch and dinner to build a rapport and take advantage of the event.

We met some great people at lunch and dinner. It truly was about the networking. Where else can you get 2000 people with similar growth mindsets who want more for their life? It was very eye opening for me to experience. Sam and I are in Rob Baileys CCV coaching group. We are going to his Vertical Union speaking event in January. Rob also had a mastermind scheduled in Vegas on the 16th of December. We figured tickets would sell out right away or we would not have time, so we did not entertain the idea of going. However, on the 13th during his live call with the group, he stated he still had tickets available.

So, knowing how beneficial it was being around like minded individuals at Arete, we wanted to get around a smaller group with people who are 20+ steps ahead of us. We did everything we could to get our work done for the week, so we could head to the CCV mastermind in Vegas. Once we arrived at the event, it was a surreal feeling. I was able to meet multiple people who I have looked up to for years. We were able to mingle, chat, eat, drink with these individuals as we discussed life and business.

I asked Rob Bailey and Mike Crawson if they still attend masterminds themselves. They had an interesting take on it, which I really liked. Mike said he goes to masterminds to network with people as the main focus. While he is there, he try’s to learn one thing from the event or get inspiration from one thing, someone says. I really liked Mike’s take on masterminds and I have heard the “one thing” before. Rob had a great point, which I often say to Sam. He said, You already know what you need to do, you just need to execute. Masterminds are for networking and the environment, not what you are going to learn there. You already know what you need to do to get to the next level and if you somehow do not, then hire a 1:1 coach to help you get there.

My number 1 takeaway from the event was, you already know what you need to do, you just need to execute. I have told Sam this many times before but to hear it validified by someone I have looked up to for the past 5 years, felt really good. So, moral of the story, masterminds and conferences are important to show you there are other people out there like yourself. If you are serious about personal development, growing yourself or business, you already consume copious amounts of information on how to do so. The masterminds and events are meant for networking and taking your “one thing” from them.

I highly recommend checking out conferences or masterminds if you are looking for some inspiration in your field.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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