Figure Out Your Style of Goal Setting

I am a procrastinator and I’m not afraid to admit that. It’s a trait of mine that I have been trying so hard to get over. Now, I have listened to many successful people, read different personal growth books and have heard different ways to reach your goals. I want to explore different ways on how I can reach my goals. My goals aren’t big, some of them are just tasks that I want to complete and forget about until I have 10 other things going on. So, I want to take the rest of the year to explore these different methods and see what works for me! Each one, I will try for 3 weeks and see if I can stick to it for the entire time and if I got my desired result. I’ll discuss a few, but depending on how they go, I might have to change directions during the course of the year.

Obviously, we should start off with SMART goals. This is the most common one that I have seen and have never done it myself or if I have it wasn’t intentional. SMART goals have to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have time bound. All of these are pretty self explanatory and should be easy for me to set up once I decide on my goal.

Next is HARD goals. This stands for heartfelt, animated, required and difficult. Heartfelt is putting emotion into the goal to keep you motivated to achieve it. Animated means to visualize what achieving your goal feels and looks like. Required is connecting your goal with something that is necessary for you to achieve the goal. Lastly, add difficulty to your goal and make yourself uncomfortable to achieve it. This will help the achievement feel better.

I at times need simplicity to make things seem less daunting, and this technique is very simple. It is one-word goals. This allows your goals to be memorable to you and can help with motivation when the goal seems simple. Plus, you can interpret some words in different ways to help you achieve more than one goal.

These are a few of the goal setting methods that I plan on testing out. I’ll keep my strategies outside of these goals pretty similar so it is a more controlled experiment. I will track my progress as I go through each one. I will have a written to-do list and I will schedule out when to work on my goals. I will also, break down all of my goals into smaller steps, because that is how I know I was able to get everything done with that goal. Otherwise, the timeline will be the same for each test.

This should be a fun little experiment and I am excited to see what works better for me. There are quite a few more different techniques that I didn’t get into, but if I use them I will make sure to discuss what I am doing for that one. I hope you guys are as excited as I am and will follow my progress with this experiment.

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