Making Improvements

If you have been following us for awhile, you have noticed we are slowly making changes and improvements to our website!

We will no longer be posting our podcast episodes on an individual post. If you scroll to the bottom of the home page, you will see the link to our two most recent episodes from our rss feed.

Next, I am slowly changing some of our categories we use to be more specific. This isn’t my full time job, so this will take me some time to do. I’m hoping it will make it easier for people who come to our page to find all of our posts on those specific categories.

My hopes for this website is to be an information hub and make it easier for people to do research on different topics. It will take us some time to get there and hopefully in the future I will be doing this full time instead.

If you have any other suggestions to help make our page more user friendly or appealing, please email us at!

Thank you to everyone who follows our page and likes our posts, we appreciate everyone one of you!

From Your Life Tutor


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