Time is one of our greatest assets as we age. We start out as youngsters, wishing to grow up, hoping time will speed up so we can be “adults”. Then when we get to 18 years old, a lot of us, want to speed up and be 21 (for obvious reasons). Once we reach our mid 20’s, reality sits in. We realize how fast the last 25 years of our life went. Then you get to put this into perspective. The average age in the U.S. is 78-79 years old. Once you reach 25, you are a third of the way done with the average persons life. Now, maybe you will outlive this average or maybe you will be on the lower end of the average. If we base off averages however, we only have 2/3rds of our life left.

This has really made me think about wasting time. Maybe the years do not seem like a crazy amount of time to you, lets think about hours. The average life expectancy for 78 years old is 683,280 hours of life. If you are 25, you have already consumed 219,000 of those hours, leaving you with 464,280 hours. Now think about how much of that time will be spent at work/commuting and sleeping (Average 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, until you are 65, for work and commute, then add 8 hours a day for sleeping until 78). We get 90,000 hours for work and 154,760 for sleep, leaving us with 219,520 hours. So, for the time we get to enjoy ourselves for the rest of our life, if we are 25 years old, is 25 years. So, if you think the last 25 years of your life went fast, that is the amount of time you have left where you get to spend that time how you see fit.

This absolutely blows my mind and makes me not want to waste my hours I get. The average adult spends 3.5hrs on their phone a day. What are you gaining from spending 3.5hrs on your phone a day? Is it worth it, to take up 67,707.50 hours of the rest of your life on your phone? Maybe drop your screen time to 1 hour a day and dedicate the other 48,362.50 hours to spending time with loved ones. Dedicate full attention to your pets, parents, kids, spouse, friends, siblings, and truly enjoy those 48,362.50 hours, which would have otherwise be spent on your phone.

So, we know we only have 219,520 hours left for personal life, however, we do have 90,000 hours from work, which we could decrease, or make a fun work environment, where we do not feel like those 90,000 hours are wasted. I would recommend finding a job or work you truly enjoy doing, with people you enjoy doing it with. Maybe look at passive income streams, so you do not have to work until you are 65 years old.

If you do all this and are looking for more time, I would not recommend cutting out sleep time. There are so many added benefits to sleeping 8 hours a day, which can help you live a longer, healthier, and a more productive life.

Now, quit reading this and go enjoy your hours 🙂

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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