Dogs Are The Greatest

I listen to podcasts every once in awhile, but lately I have bee hearing about how amazing dogs are in their lives. It really pulls at my heart strings. Shaun and I love Mimi so much, she is the reason that we stayed together during one rough patch. I am so happy we have her and so thankful for the wonderful life she has provided for Shaun and I. I honestly owe a lot to her and she doesn’t even know it.

I understand dogs are not for everyone. Some people are cat people and some people just don’t do well with animals. That is okay. But in my world, I couldn’t not ask for a better companion by my side (next to Shaun obviously). Mimi honestly chose Shaun and I versus the other way around. We went to visit a friend who was fostering a litter of puppies, and she was the first one to meet us. All she wanted to do was be held by us and once she was in our arms, she seemed so happy. So after a month of hemming and hawing, we brought her home.

After that, she made us step up our game a lot. We had something else to take care of. Obviously, Mimi was needy at first, but it was fun. My biggest thing I had to learn was that I had to make sure I came home and hung our with her. I couldn’t be gone all day anymore, unless I had someone to stop and play with her for a few hours. It teaches a person responsibility for others, patience (a lot of patience), selflessness and love.

If you truly think about it, some dogs have special skills like hearding and agility but other than that they just love their people. Mimi shows us how to love each other with the most purity and respect. Even on the days when we don’t hang out with her as much as we usually do, she is always there to great us and give us affection when we come home. She will snuggle up to us when we go to bed and just be so happy to be there with us.

My life will never be the same without her, but the things she teaches us will forever be in my heart. We do not deserve dogs and how good they treat us. I will strive everyday to make my dog proud of me. Once she is gone, I would give up everything in the world to have her back. For now, I am going to make everyday of her life the best I can so she knows I lover her as much as she loves me.

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