The art of being patient is starting to be lost in our society. With technology advancing, we are fueled by instant gratification, which Shaun and I discuss in many posts. Patience is a skill I constantly have to remind myself along with Shaun on a daily basis. Lately, Shaun and I have been trying toContinue reading “Patience”

Patience For Growth

I have written multiple times about selling my previous company and starting a new endeavor. Often times with starting this new endeavor, I feel like I need to start growing right away, to get it producing like the company I just sold. I have to remind myself daily of the process I took in myContinue reading “Patience For Growth”

Starting a Healthier Lifestyle

Shaun and I have mentioned in other podcasts and blogs about having a healthy lifestyle. When I started my current job, I had quite a few people asking me how to start being healthy. Honestly, it’s from a change of mindset and baby steps. I was always an active kid throughout high school and mostContinue reading “Starting a Healthier Lifestyle”