Managing People to Manage Themselves

Earlier this week I talked about managing with positive reinforcement. Keeping people happy and empowered, creates a better work environment, helps them be more productive, and creates more loyal coworkers. This is a very effective way to manage. Recently I have been learning about adding in steps that I have used in the past unconsciously.Continue reading “Managing People to Manage Themselves”

Managing with Positive Reinforcement

Anyone can manage someone else, you check up on them, let them know what they are doing right or wrong. Its too easy, the difficult part is giving constructive criticism if you are not an assertive person. If you’re an introvert instead of an extrovert, it may be harder to manage at first but itContinue reading “Managing with Positive Reinforcement”

Being Uncomfortable

Business and success tends to be bouts of being uncomfortable. You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to grow as both a business and as an individual. The more you do these uncomfortable things, the better you become at being uncomfortable. This week, we had the opportunity to be uncomfortable. We heard of aContinue reading “Being Uncomfortable”

Reviewing “Who Moved My Cheese?”

I read the short story of “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson, I found it to have a plethora of insight in the 30ish pages of the story. The story followed 4 subjects, 2 mice named Sniff and Scurry and 2 little people named Hem and Haw. Each subject has a different quality. SniffContinue reading “Reviewing “Who Moved My Cheese?””


As an entrepreneur I have had to do a lot of delegation throughout the years. I have a business partner, so from the get go, we have been delegating tasks to each other. As our business grew, we had to hire employees and delegate tasks to keep growing. Our main business is our assisted livingContinue reading “Delegation”

Investing in Real Estate

I believe investing in real estate to be one of the best investment vehicles. Investing in real estate allows you to receive passive income, put your money in an appreciating asset, receive many tax benefits, and gain equity in your property. I believe this is better than a 401k or IRA for the normal investor.Continue reading “Investing in Real Estate”

The Difference Between Going Bankrupt and Becoming Wealthy

Going bankrupt or being wealthy are polar opposites of each other, however, there is one distinct factor that separates the two. To accomplish something in life, all it takes is repeated action, which is the truth for going bankrupt or for becoming wealthy. The only difference is, if you evaluate those actions. How to goContinue reading “The Difference Between Going Bankrupt and Becoming Wealthy”

Assets VS Liabilities

When we talk about assets and liabilities for financial freedom, we are not thinking of the accounting assets and liabilities. We are not trying to balance our asset to liability column, that would be considered living paycheck to paycheck. With assets and liabilities in life, we want more assets than liabilities. Assets bring us inContinue reading “Assets VS Liabilities”

Get out of the Rat Race

Most people have played the most known investing board game, Monopoly. It can be a fun game when you are winning or a very frustrating game when you are losing (I am sure most people have experienced these emotions, while playing Monopoly). However, I found a game that has a lot to do with investingContinue reading “Get out of the Rat Race”