My First Week of Productivity

On episode 64 of our podcast, released on Monday 01/31/2022, Sam and I talk about our struggles and it made me realize I need to focus. I put a bunch of tasks and activities on my schedule every week and I never reach or accomplish them. What I am doing is lying to myself every week, saying I will do something and then not doing them. So, I am going to change that this week.

First, I am only putting 3 types of exercise this week. I am going to weight train 3 times, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am going to train MMA 3 times this week, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Lastly, I am going to take Mimi on a minimum of 3 walks this week, Monday, Tuesday, and the next nicer day we have, I am hoping for Friday. Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be cold, so we are going to stray away from those days.

My only other task I have scheduled is to journal 4 mornings as part of my wake up routine. I will wake up and while I have my cup of coffee, I am going to journal.

My first weekly task for my 12 week year is scheduled on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. I am writing a how to on creating real estate lists for cold calling. Monday I will write the how to and Tuesday I will review or make revisions to it.

All other tasks I have are added into my schedule already, if there are other things that come up during the week, I will add them to my schedule where they can fit. I am going to follow my schedule this week and not just go with the flow. I set app timers and got rid of notifications on my phone to minimize the distractions on my phone.

I am excited to see how this week turns out. I have all of my things I want to accomplish in my calendar. I got rid of my massive list of “daily habits” that I never get to. I set my timers on my phone and got rid of notifications to minimize distractions. I think it is going to be a productive week!

If this goes well, I will share more about it.

-Your Life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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