Getting Over the Mental Block

Today, while Shaun and I were recording our podcast we talked about how our phones are our #1 distraction. It doesn’t seem that hard to me to stop using it as a source of entertainment, but Shaun says it is a really tough thing for him. This reminds me of other struggles we have talked about many times before. We need to get over our own mental blocks and Shaun is having a mental block with our main distraction.

Mental blocks can come about by the lack of focus. In my unprofessional opinion, I believe our lack of focus comes about because of our phones. So we always go in a circle because we want to regain our focus by not using the phones, but our focus is bad because we are on the phones. It is a vicious cycle that we need to overcome in order to improve our focus and productivity.

A reason that we have discovered for why we go on them is for short term satisfaction. The time when we use them the most is when we don’t want to work on the things we have planned for the day. So instead of doing a task that we have negative feeling about, we go towards an object that gives us short dopamine rushes every time we scroll. One way we are working on using our phones less is by not having the distraction near us when we are at our lowest mental state. We don’t give ourselves the option to fall for the trap which has helped us start to get over that mental block.

My main mental block is getting out of my comfort zone. I love being where I am, and I don’t like to stray from it too much. I want to learn how to snowboard, but failing scares me to the point where I am unable to do it. I have a hard time making myself have the mental strength to just go do it and not care if I fall. When I fall, I need to just get up and keep going but instead I get frustrated and fall more.

Here is how Tony Robbins says to get over a mental block

  1. Identify your mental block
  2. Take control of your state
  3. Focus on the present
  4. Recognize the signs of breakthrough
  5. Reprogram your mind
  6. Calm your environment

Shaun and I know what are mental blocks and we are constantly trying to get over them. The more we push through our current mental blocks, the easier and more fun life will be in the future. We are always striving to be the best versions of ourselves.

From Your Life Tutor


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