Our Planners

Shaun and I have daily planners to help with our procrastination issues. We both have Clever Fox daily planners, which we got from amazon but I suggest going onto their website cleverfoxplanner.com. I have honestly not loved a planner more than this one, and I am so impressed with the quality and the attention to detail in it.

I have the regular daily planner, but Shaun has the daily planner PRO. Both of our planners are undated and come with pages at the beginning to write down our goals, vision board and so on. The planners have the same concept of trying to improve your productivity. Shaun needs more structure so he needed the version with more room to write and more details than me. They have many different options for planners depending on your needs!

If you go on their website, you can take a quiz and it will tell you which planner they think is best for your needs. For myself they actually suggest a different one than the current one I have, which I might try out once I have finished this one. The website is super easy to navigate and it is a good place to see all of their options.

My planner, has me start out by writing my goals, affirmations, visions, etc. I liked this because it made me think of the things I want to achieve by the time the planner is completely filled out. Next comes the individual months to plan out long term goals or events. I always have one of my three bookmarks on the month so I can see what I have coming up. Then it starts the daily pages. Every Sunday I fill out my weekly page and then make a rough outline on the daily ones. I will fulling fill in my daily pages the night before, because things do come up and I don’t like have to move things around.

The daily pages has you fill in a goal, priorities, to-do list, schedule and rate your productivity. I have enjoyed rating how my days are at the end, because I can really look at what my faults are and how to improve them. Most of the time it is the same thing over and over (being on my phone). But putting it into writing makes it more real for me and has pushed me to stop more.

After the daily pages you have to review your week. This includes writing what tasks you didn’t finish and why you didn’t finish them. It puts it into perspective of how most of the time I didn’t finish my task because of pure laziness. I have only been using this for three weeks now and it honestly makes me feel like shit every time I have to explain why I didn’t do my tasks.

At the very end of the planner are some blank pages to journal or write notes in if you want. This has made it easier for me to only bring my planner places since I have multiple places to write notes if I need. Overall, this is the greatest thing that anyone has ever made. The quality is exceptional and the details that have been added are just incredible. If you need a better planner in your life, I highly recommend this. Clever fox also makes financial, health, medical and gratitude journals. So, they have lots of options for what your life may need.

From Your Life Tutor


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