Ep 82 – Tutor: Financial Literacy

https://player.rss.com/tutorsoflife/442665 On today’s episode, Shaun and Sam tutor on financial literacy. Topics discussed: Invest your money Inflation is losing your money almost 8% per year Investments can help you increase your money if done correctly Thank you for listening and let us know what you want to learn next!

Ep 80 – Tutor: (Feat Ryan Gray) on The Beginning and Middle Parts of Owning a Business

https://player.rss.com/tutorsoflife/434524 On today’s episode, Shaun, Sam and Ryan tutor on the beginning and middle parts of owning a business. Topics discussed: Find your niche market to create income Invest in your business to get it to grow Once you get a good income, then you can start scaling Create systems and get a great teamContinue reading “Ep 80 – Tutor: (Feat Ryan Gray) on The Beginning and Middle Parts of Owning a Business”

Ep 78 – Tutor: Interest Rate Hike

https://player.rss.com/tutorsoflife/427060 On today’s episode, Shaun and Sam tutor on how interest rates are going up and what that means for you. Topics discussed: Federal Reserve is increase their rates Uncertainty in the world causes people to do weird things Supply and demand can affect prices Potential events that can happen in the next 5 yearsContinue reading “Ep 78 – Tutor: Interest Rate Hike”

Interest Rate Hike

Last week the federal reserve announced their interest rate hike plan for the year. After many months of uncertainty, it finally looks like there is some stability in their plan. This is the best thing we could have hoped for, a laid out plan to curb the uncertainty. Even though it is not the mostContinue reading “Interest Rate Hike”

Ep 76 – Tutor: Mastermind Retreat and What We Learned For Business

https://player.rss.com/tutorsoflife/419083 On today’s episode, Shaun and Sam tutor on the mastermind retreat they went to and what they learned while there. Topics discussed: Important habits that can change your business Leveraging your time and money How to build a story behind the brand Building wealth vs. money Personal development If you like these podcasts, letContinue reading “Ep 76 – Tutor: Mastermind Retreat and What We Learned For Business”

First Time Real Estate Investing

Have you ever thought about buying a piece of real estate? Maybe you’re thinking of buying a house to live in or maybe you are thinking of buying a property to rent out. If you have thought about buying real estate before and you are interested in taking that leap, you are in the rightContinue reading “First Time Real Estate Investing”

The Reason Behind the Collections

If any of you listen, or watch our podcasts you will know that I have a thing for collecting items. I’m not a hoarder thankfully, but I have a few collections that peak my interest and I like to take good care of them. My main collections are Harry Potter items, books and Pok√©mon cards.Continue reading “The Reason Behind the Collections”

The Real Estate Market Crash

The real estate market has been trending up massively since 2020. Do we really think it can keep up at this pace? Houses are up over 16% nation wide just in 2021. Last time we saw this, was in 2008 and we had a market crash. So… are we thinking the same thing is goingContinue reading “The Real Estate Market Crash”

Ep 67 – Talk: Getting a New Bed, Our Mentor Group Meetings, and Buying Land

https://player.rss.com/tutorsoflife/388714 On today’s episode, Shaun and Sam get intoxicated and talk about their new bed, the groups we are in to help us push forward and trying to buy land. Topics discussed: Buying a new bed Young entrepreneurs group meeting Real estate group meeting Trying to buy another car Buying land because we are tooContinue reading “Ep 67 – Talk: Getting a New Bed, Our Mentor Group Meetings, and Buying Land”

House Hacking

Have you ever lived with a roommate? Maybe owned a duplex, triplex, 4plex, or other multi-family building and lived in one unit and rented the other? If you have or you know someone who has, that is considered house hacking. The basics of house hacking is, you own a property and you utilize other individualsContinue reading “House Hacking”