Are You A Victim

When was the last time you thought or said “of course that would happen to me” or “things never go my way?” This is dangerous negative self talk. It is exactly what being a victim is. You think you are somehow inferior to others because of your circumstances. Guess what, I do it too… But I limit it, I correct that negative self talk, and overload my brain with positive affirmations and talk. By doing this, we can fix our victim mindset.

You can’t tell people not to have negative thoughts, it won’t work. However, you can tell them to identify when they are having negative thoughts and correct them with positive thoughts. So, when you are feeling down, upset, anxious, depressed because things have not been going your way, do not ruminate on those negative thought. Identify them as being your bitch voice and bring your boss voice out to crush it. This is absolutely critical for your continued success, health, and well being.

This week, I had a really bad week. A lot of things were going wrong, like one after another. For 3 days I was trying to wrap my head around solutions, to the problems I was noticing in my business and life. After 3 days of thinking, I had multiple viable directions I could go to resolve my problems. Then the negative self talk kicked in. Poor me, why did this stuff have to happen, I should have prevented this, if only I would have done it this way, and the list goes on and on. It was about this point I started chuckling and smiling. I immediately felt better about the situation because I identified my bitch voice. I then went to work on it. I told myself I CHOSE THIS LIFE. I chose to own my own business, I chose to be in business with certain companies and people. It was all my choice.

I started positive affirmations of all the things I have accomplished. All the shit I am going to accomplish. I reminded myself, I am in control of the situation and I can change it at any point in time. The problem is, I love this life, there are things I would change, but these are the growing pains I get, with the life I chose. Guess what I told myself? IT IS FUCKING WORTH IT!

Life is about the process not the destination. I love the process, so I need to work the process. I need to live in the process. Take what I learn whether its good or bad, learn from it and grow. The more I grow, the more my process levels up and I level up.

Everyone has issues, it is up to you one how big you want your issues to be. There is little shit I used to get worked up about, now they do not enter my radar. I have leveled up my game, thus, I leveled up my problems. Little shit does not bother me anymore and guess what, the stuff bothering me right now, my goal is to not have it affecting me in 2 years. It is all about growth and leveling up.

The way to do that, is positive self talk. Identify when you are being a victim and overcome it.

You are in control of your destiny!

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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