I find enjoyment  from writing everything down. All the books I write in, are my journal, planner, goal notebook, and Q & A a day. I write in all of these notebooks almost every day.  Each one of them has it’s own purpose, it isn’t necessary to have all of these, but it is what I enjoy.

I feel that it is necessary for us as humans to write in something. It helps our memory out when we write things down compared to typing it on the computer, or not at all. Yes, phones can remind us of everything in our calendar, but if you wrote it down in a planner, you may not need that reminder. Down below I will go in depth on why I have the books I have and how they have helped me.

I’ll start with the fun book, which is the Q & A a day. This was a gift I got three years ago, and I have been writing in it on and off for the first two years of having it. I enjoy this book, because it has been fun seeing how my answers have changed over the past couple of years. This is completely unnecessary, but it could be an easy way for you to start writing and it’ll be interesting to see how your responses change over the 5 years.

The next and most important one in my mind, is the planner. The planner is super helpful for me to be able to see what I have planned for the future and what events I can add in if I have the time. In my planner, I have written in what topics we are posting on our blog and podcast and when I have to have editing done. Planners come in all different sizes and styles to fit what you need them for. When I went to school, I used a weekly planner to keep track of my assignments. Now, I still use a weekly one, but it is much smaller than what I had previously. I don’t have as many items to write in a day, so it works for me. Other types of planners are monthly, and daily. Some people need to plan out their days by the hour, so the daily planners are good for those types of people. Take some time and go shopping for a planner, in person, and see what type will work for your needs.

The green journal is my daily journal. In this, I keep track of my habits, I write my goals for the month, and I keep track of things to remember or what I did that day, if I feel like it was important. Journaling like this helps me keep a healthy mind, because I am able to brain dump into it. I can get random little thoughts onto paper, instead of floating in my mind. I know other people, that use journals to keep track of what they are grateful for, and list everything they did that day. Use it however you want, and customize it to fit your needs as well. I just went onto Pinterest to see what other people were doing and used what I thought was good for me.

Here are some examples above from my personal journal.

Lastly, I have my goal journal. This journal is pretty simple, I write my goals and the days they are due. I have listened to many motivational podcasts and 95% of them recommend to write your goals down somewhere and review them often. In my journal, I will write what steps I have taken to get to that goal and look at my due dates as often as possible. As you can see above, you can also do this in your personal journal as well. I like to write my goals in there, so I review them every single day. Then, I use my goal journal to keep track of all of the details with my goals.

In my opinion, I believe everyone needs to get some kind of journal or notebook to start writing in. It doesn’t have to be about anything specific, and it doesn’t have to look pretty. Do what makes you feel good inside and that can help you improve your life.

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