Find Your Tool

If you follow Shaun and I and have read our blogs, most of them are things we are currently trying to change in our lives. I wrote a handful of blogs on fixing procrastination, which includes things I was planning on trying throughout the summer. If you didn’t notice, I haven’t done any of them. I am really disappointed in myself, but if I am being honest summertime is the worst time to try something new for me personally. It is the busiest time of year for me, because I have so many things going on and it is hard to keep a consistent schedule. I also, like to enjoy the sunshine while we still have it. Here in Wisconsin, you have to enjoy as much as you can before it gets dark for the majority of the day. So, I have been reading a book that is on mental strength and most recently he talks about finding your tool.

I won’t tell you what the book is, because I will review it once I am done. Right now, the tip I am currently reading about is having a tool to help give you purpose. He talks about using God as a way to help motivate you and give you faith. I think of a tool as being a person or thing, like an accountability partner or an app to help you. So, instead of making myself set up a whole SMART goal strategy or 12 week year plan, I want to find something that can help me accomplish the same thing.

My issue lately has been I have to spend too much time to create a plan to accomplish one or two goals of mine. But in reality I think I could just use my google calendar or a habit tracking app to do the same thing. In the past, I kept thinking I needed to find the right goal plan to help me complete my tasks. Now I am thinking that a goal plan is not the right tool for me. I’m not quite sure what is a good tool for me currently, but I am thinking of writing a giant to-do list and just scheduling a time to accomplish 1 of those tasks a day or every other day. Maybe, once I create a routine with that pattern, it will just become a habit. Once I have the habit I will just get other tasks done hopefully forever.

If you are continually struggling to accomplish your goals, try researching other tools to accomplish those goals. It may not be your fault if you are not being able to do the things you want, you just need to find the right tool to get you to your end product. Her is a literal example, imagine you are building a table and you are using a saw to attach the legs to the top. It will never work and you could possibly make the situation worse until you find the right tool. You could use a hammer and nails, but it may not create the most stable of tables, but if you used screws and a drill your table will be stable and last longer.

Breakdown your tasks or goals and see what other tools you could use to accomplish them. If something isn’t working, then don’t try to beat a dead horse. Find a new tool and try again. Remember to keep pushing towards your goals and the life that you are destined for. You just need to find the right tool for the job.

From Your Life Tutor


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