Choose Your Hard

The best part of life, is we are in control of ours. There is outside stimuli that we may not be able to control but we can control how we respond to the stimuli. We are in control of our life and our decisions. So… We get to choose what kind of hard we want in life.

We all know life is not all sunshine and rainbows. A majority of the time, it is tough and can downright suck. This is the part, where we get to choose what kind of tough we want it to be. Let me stress this part, NO MATTER WHAT WE CHOOSE, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE, IT WILL BE HARD!

We can choose to workout multiple times a week. It is hard to go to the gym consistently. It is hard to get motivation to go there, it is hard to schedule your day to allot time to go workout, it is hard to walk around being sore all the time. On the contrary, it is hard not working out. The mental stress of always thinking you should “get in shape”, you should go to the gym, you should get healthy. It is also hard being unfit, being overweight, being obese. It is not easy doing daily activities when you are not healthy and out of shape. Whichever you choose, positive or negative, it will be hard.

How about your career, are you at the job you want to be at? Do you like your co-workers, do you like your boss, do you like your companies mission? Do you think about quitting and finding something better? Maybe you have an easy job but you know you are destined to do more. You think about doing more with your life but you have an easy job and do not want to leave such an easy job. Maybe you work for yourself or with a group of people you love. Maybe you have to work long hours at this job, you may have a hard position where you are responsible for others success, maybe you deal with customers who are not always the happiest. These things can be hard but is it worth it? Maybe you have regret about a job you did not try for, a business you did not try to start, an opportunity you could take but you like the security of where you are now. Having regret is hard, is this part of what is hard in your life?

What do your finances look like? It is not easy to make a budget, its exponentially harder to follow said budget you made. It is hard to spend less money than you make, month after month after month. It is hard to then take that money and invest it in an investment vehicle that will help you reach your financial goals. However, it is also hard being in consumer debt. The stress of wondering how you are going to pay all your bills this month. How are you going to pay for food, rent, gas, clothes for your kids, etc. It is hard driving around a nice new truck or car while living in a nice house, trying to keep up with the Jones’ all while knowing you cannot afford it and you are going backwards every month. The best part of this, which hard do you prefer? Would you rather make a budget and follow it or spend what you want and have to deal with the mental strain and potential notes being called due, when you do not have the funds?

How are your relationships? Do you have a spouse or are you between relationships? Being in a relationship is hard. You have to consider your partner, when you are making decisions. Would my wife or husband support me in this decision? Would I support them if they were in a similar situation? Communication can be quite difficult with a significant other, especially if it is a negative situation. It is very difficult to have those hard conversations to get on the same page. It is also hard to put those conversations off and let them live in your mind, rent free, and weighing you down. You may not agree with your spouse on everything but is it harder to start over with a new significant other or communicate and work through it with your current one? You get to choose, what hard do you want?

Work on this activity in your life. Ask yourself the difficult questions. The things you do, the things you choose, are they positive or negative. Go through them and ask yourself, is your current actions worth the hard?

A lot of the things I do in my personal life and in my professional life are hard. I can assure you, its a lot harder not doing the productive things I do because I know what it is like to be unproductive. I know what it is like to be negative instead of positive.

Find your hard.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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