The World Owes Us Nothing

This past weekend, Shaun and I did some volunteering by cleaning up garbage at a local park. It is a big event that our home town puts on and different groups are assigned different parts of the city to clean up. It is always interesting for me, because you see the true side of people.

We see multiple people walk by us while we are cleaning and they thank us for doing good and cleaning our city. The thing that gets me is that most people probably go by that same part of town multiple times a week and never did they pick up any of the trash that we had to clean up. Most of the trash we clean is in plain sight and can easily be picked up by anyone. Instead, we have to hold this event every year to make sure it is clean for the start of summer. We don’t do one in the fall, but it would be interesting to see what time of the year accumulates the most amount of trash.

Another big take away from this, is that smokers are the worst. Every year I have to pick up hundreds of cigarette butts off of the ground. If you didn’t know, the filters don’t decompose. Instead of finding a trash can, they throw it onto the ground and some poor soul like myself has to spends hours cleaning all of them up to make the city a better place. I honesty forget how many people still smoke until I have to clean the cigarette butts off of the ground. So if you smoke, please throw it away in the trash or put it in your car for later.

Participating in this event reminds me how selfish of a population we have become. We rarely think of the consequences of our actions. For example, in public areas we don’t think about who has to clean up the mess if we leave one. I don’t know how many times I have entered a bathroom and had to check every stall until I get to a clean one. People just don’t care if they make a mess because someone will clean it for them. Grow up! Cleaning your own mess so others don’t have to deal with your shit. What made you think you were so entitled to be able to do whatever the fuck you want? The world doesn’t owe you anything.

We need to start respecting each other, and remember that everyone is a person and we all have our own lives. Obviously, we don’t all start out in the same place or the same level, but it doesn’t give you the right to treat anyone lesser. We are all humans and we all have emotions and feelings. I’m not saying you have to give a homeless person money, but instead clean up after yourself. If we were all able to be clean, there are so many jobs that we wouldn’t need to have or have less of.

All I am trying to say is be more selfless instead of selfish. We don’t know what people around us are going through. We don’t know how long we have this planet for. So why don’t we start treating everything with respect like it deserves. We have become a population full of hatred and selfishness and we NEED to start coming together again. We have one life, why live it in negativity?

Be more positive and start respecting the things around you.
From your life Tutor


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