Utilizing a Team

Utilizing a team can mean many different things. It could be a team of individuals who all work together for a company. It could be a team made up of owners and employees. You could have a sports team. There are many options to encompass a team. The team I utilize, is a conglomerate of sub contractors who I can reach out to for help on projects. Right now, my brother and I are trying to get one property ready for drywall and one property ready to list before we leave for the wedding next Saturday morning.

At the property we are getting ready for drywall, I have the plumber and electrician coming tomorrow to get the plumbing and electrical ready. Kyle and I will be there the next couple days getting everything else prepped for the drywall guys. We are hoping to have this one ready for the drywall guys by this Monday, so we can transition back to the house we are trying to get ready for listing, before the wedding.

The property we are trying to get ready for listing, we have the Hardwood Floor Specialists in right now, redoing the hardwoods with a sweet finish! We are meeting with the plumber next week to fix a leaking pipe and meeting with the painter Monday. We are also trying to get carpet cleaners in early next week. Kyle is going to focus on refinishing the cabinets and I am going to focus on renovating the bathroom. If all of these parts fall into place, we should be able to reach our deadline of the wedding.

By utilizing our team, we can take a lot of stress off of our plate and transition it to someone else plate. This give other individuals work, while allowing us to be able to focus on the things we are good at, while letting them focus on the things they are experts at. This allows us to progress through a property way better than Kyle and I trying to do it all on our own.

Once we have the one property done, we will bring in the stagers to stage the place and then we will pass it on to the realtor. Once the drywallers are done, we will get the same painter from the other project in to paint the house. We are in the process of ordering our cabinets from a company who custom makes them. Kyle and I will install them, the floors, trim, and finishing touches. Then it will be passed along to the stager and realtor again.

I love utilizing a team for our projects. Whether it is employees, partners, or a group of people working with each other. By utilizing a team, you will progress so much farther and faster than doing it on your own.

Think of the individuals who make up your team and the roles everyone plays. See where you fit in and how valuable your role is to the team. It is fun to think of these things.

Your Life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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