Other Forms of Investing

Shaun and I have discussed how we invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, cars and real estate. There are other items we invest in for fun. We obviously hope they will increase in value, but who knows. There are always many other things to invest in, but make sure you do your research and don’t go balls to the wall with it, just in case it fails

My two passions that I have started to invest in are Legos and Pokémon cards. I have always enjoyed these growing up, and recently found out they are a decent investment. The two catches with them is that it may take awhile for the increase to happen, and they take up space. I started buying more Lego sets about 2 years ago, when I left for my hiatus from my current job. They had some sets that I really wanted and I was able to get them at a cheaper price. Once I got those sets, I wanted them all. The themes I invest in the most are the Harry Potter and brickheadz but I dabble in the architecture ones as well.

My love for Harry Potter has really expanded now that I have been able to build the Lego sets and it brings me joy. This theme is the only one I build, which does decrease the value. I believe over time though, that people will still want them and buy them built. I have kept all of the instruction manuals of them, so I can dismantle them when I choose to sell them.

The brickheadz are ones that I have bought that were opened and previously built. The price of them were up 100% or more after being retired for only 3 years. There are other ones that I would like to purchase that have been retired for 7 years but are 3x the price from when they were released. So, it has been a battle for me to decide if they are going to keep increasing or stay stagnant.

The last them I invest in is the architecture series which has an average of 16% yearly growth after retirement. These are the sets that I buy and do not build. My favorite source for seeing the value of Lego sets is brickeconomy.com. They track the prices of all sets on eBay, Amazon and Bricklink.

The last item I invest in is Pokémon cards, and this I do for pure enjoyment. I used to collect them and have gotten a few packs here and there over the years. Recently, there has been a big boom in cards again and people wanting the older packs. So, I have bought a couple of packs that I will keep sealed and stored away until there is another boom in the Pokémon card world. This is one of those things that I am not doing any research on and just going on a limb. This is your warning to not put all of your money in cards and hope they go up in value, because I don’t even know if they will.

Overall, if you can invest in things that bring you pleasure, and you see that it can increase in value over time then go for it. I have done quite a bit of research in Lego investing, which is why I was confident to put money into that. Just be prepared for things to take up space and for you to have to wait for awhile for them to give you a substantial return on them.

From Your Life Tutor

Side note, this is my last blog to be posted as a Zimmerman. The next blog will be released on our wedding day.


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