Buyout of My Business

There are some new and exciting things in my partner Ryan’s and my life. We have been great friends for 7 years and we have been business partners for just shy of 5 years. Him and I hired job coaches a few months back. A big part of what we have been working on with our job coaches, have been our vision in life. Sam and I have talked about vision quite a bit in blogs and podcasts. We have discussed the importance of having a vision and it has come to light, just how important having a vision is.

I realized while I was down in Nashville with Sam on vacation, what I was doing for a career was not helping me reach my vision. After a couple days of reviewing everything and multiple different options, I came upon the decision of selling my half of Stable Living to Ryan. It was upon this decision, that a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was a realization, I did not know existed. What I believe it came down to, was, the decision I made, aligned with my vision and where I want to go in life. My vision seemed a lot more tangible, by me deciding to make that move.

So, Ryan and I talked things through, it has been a very professional process. We are mutual in what we want. Ryan wants to keep Stable Living and continue to grow it. I want to receive some of our cash flowing real estate assets and build up a passive portfolio. Ryan will continue wholesaling properties and buying larger multi-family. I will be flipping and Brrrring houses with my brother. Flipping houses with my brother has been something I have wanted to do since I was 19 and we are now making it a reality. Ryan and I are going to keep our motel and soon to be trailer park together. We have a great relationship and it will continue to be a great partnership as time progresses.

I am very excited for this next stage in my life. I will be able to focus solely on one business and I will get to see where it takes me. I think with a sole focus, it will allow projects to progress a lot faster. It will allow us to take on more work and build a bigger portfolio. We will become professionals in our field faster, since we will have the majority of our work energy focused in one direction.

It was very important for me to review my vision frequently and think about my companies and where they were leading me. I realized passive income from real estate would help me reach my vision a lot faster and decided to make the hard decision of dedicating time and energy to that. So, I am selling half of a company I spent the last 4 and a half years building with one of my best friends Ryan. I believe it will allow both of us to flourish in our fields and we will be able to see the best results from this option. I will discuss more about the buyout and transfer of assets as time progresses.

Thanks for the support,

Your Life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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