The third C of mental toughness is challenge which is your drive and adaptability. Challenges is about embracing change and pushing your boundaries when necessary. You need to accept risk and see all outcomes good or bad. There needs to be great physical or mental effort put in to be done successfully and can test the person’s abilities. Honestly, this is probably one of the most self explanatory ones, so I won’t drag this blog on too much.

A person with a higher challenge have a drive to be as good as they can be and achieve their personal best. They view challenges, change, adversity as opportunities rather than threats. These people will also enjoy new people, new places, innovation and creativity and will become bored of routine. New challenges are seen as a learning experience especially if they fail, but they don’t use it as an excuse to not keep pushing.

People on the low end of challenge do not like change and think of it as a threat. They avoid new and challenging situations for fear of failure. They like the easier situations that they are familiar with, so they don’t have to feel uncomfortable or have the fear a failure. These types of people are the ones that we would define as boring, because they don’t like to branch out and try new things.

We can also look at commitment and challenge together, and can see that these two are the outer orientation. These traits are physical actions that others are able to see. These are the times when people can see that you are crossing items off of your list, or when they ask you to meet someone new, you don’t start worrying about it. Getting these two categories under control will help show others that you are the type of person that can get any task at hand done, and are someone they can count on if they need it.

I kind of like thinking that these are showing your outer confidence. You are willing to go and try new things and meet new people in new places. When others can see how willing you are, it shows that you are confident in what you do and that you believe in yourself. Show if you want to improve your challenge, then don’t be afraid of changes and start accepting them. See them as something positive in your life, and if it doesn’t work out then it is a learning experience. Everything we do is an opportunity or a learning experience, but keep that positivity flowing through you and it will keep the motivation going.

From Your Life Tutor


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