Being a Lighthouse

Have you ever seen friends or family struggling in a realm where you have some knowledge? Maybe they are struggling figuring out a budget or they are having relationship issues and you have been there before. Whatever the issue they may be having, if you have some knowledge in the field, you probably have been tempted to reach out and help them. I am a large culprit to this. I have tried helping family and friends with so many things, from budgeting, career advice, investing strategies, lifting advice, you name it, I want to help. I am sure a lot of you are the same way, you want to help the ones you care about, find a solution to their problems. I have realized though, this may not be the right way and I just recently learned this.

I was listening to one of Sean Whalen’s videos on YouTube. I do not remember if it was from a speech of his or if it was one of his videos but what he said was, he has a tattoo of a lighthouse because he strives to be a lighthouse. My understanding of his message, is as follows; being a lighthouse to him, means he will keep his standards, his message, his morals, and he will not falter from them. If you are interested in his help, you know where to find him. He is a lighthouse shining bright for all to see. What this also means, is he is not a rescue boat, he will not go searching for you. He is not going to search you out to give you advice or to push his message upon you. If you are willing and ready for his help, you can find him and ask for it, but he is not going to waste his time and energy, trying to get people to do things, if they are not dedicated or feel the need to do the things he preaches.

I absolutely loved this message or my interpretation of the message. I love it so much, it made number three on my most important list for my vision. I want to help as many people as I can, as long as they want my help. I do not need to be wasting my time trying to help people who are not interested in my help. This will take away my time from helping others who are interested in my help and want to learn and grow with us. It is quite relieving to think of only helping those who seek us out and want our help. It will be something I work towards until I have a good set of standards, a solid message, and it is a part of my life. Then it will be a standard I hold and it will be unnecessary for it to be on my vision and something else will take its place.

Always be thinking ahead and how you can become the best version of yourself. Live in the moment, make and impact on the ones you love, but do not get stuck in the past. Keep learning and growing and become your version of a lighthouse.

Your life Tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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