Fantasy Football

I thought I would write about something a little different this week. As many Americans know, it is football season (and not the cool football either, that we call soccer). During football season, some people do something called fantasy football. It is just a way for people to compete against each other by making the better team. Each player gains points, and you want to be the person with the most points.

Some people also bet money on these leagues as well. Most of the ones I am in are only a $20 buy in, but there are people who pay $25, $50 or $100 to play in leagues. The concept is simple, but the hard part is deciding which players you want to be one your team. In order to pick your players, you have to do a draft. Now, drafting is my least favorite part. I don’t know why, but it takes too long and I have no clue who I want to pick. If I did more research, I am sure I could learn when I should pick what positions and who I should pick at what time. But it isn’t worth it to me.

The main reason I like to play in these leagues is to try and beat my coworkers, family or friends. I know very little about the actual sport, and I watch very few games as well. So this is obviously a fun challenge for me when I do as little research as possible, but it is possible.

One of the things I look at is what a player is projected for the year and I compare it to how they have done in the previous year. This is a good comparison to see what they think they will do, and what they have done in the past.

Now that I am writing this, I use some of these skills in the real world too. When I have had to hire someone in the past. I like to look at their resume, and see what they have done in the past and compare it to what they tell me they can do. I want to hire the best people, so we can have the most hardworking department in the company.

It seems weird to compare fantasy football to the real world, but in reality they are not far off especially if you are in a higher up role. Well, anyways I have to think about if I want to prepare for my last draft or not. But think about how some of your favorite things can be used in adult life as well.

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