If you listen to our podcast, episode 28 we discussed consistency, which led into a discussion about manliness and how society is killing it now-a-days. Being masculine, used to be a positive trait. Now there is such a thing as “toxic masculinity,” where the media and news portray having manly traits or having competition as a negative trait. Aside from what the news and media has to say, I believe being strong, hard working, competitive, and a little aggressive are all positive traits a man should have. Healthy amounts of traits like these, allow for the world to progress and men to be a massive driver in the process.

The information age is when the masculine man started to die. This age in time started in 1945 after WW2 ended. Back in WW2 young men were lining up to fight, they would try to sneak into war under the age of 18. I believe there are quite a few young men in this time, who would also line up for war before the age of 18, however, I believe there are a lot less of them. For the young men who did not go to war, they often stepped up as the head of the household. Being the provider for their family at a young age. These kind of things do not happen anymore or are rare, you do not hear about them. In the information age, if you do not hear of something, it is either being covered up extremely hard or there is not much of it occurring.

I am not saying kids should be going to war or providing for their family, however, I think you make a lot more responsible and masculine men by doing so. It makes them grow up and take responsibility early on in life. These traits, will help carry them through life and provide for their family. This will help them be good role models and show up for their children. This however, is a dying trait, children who grow up in fatherless homes is increasing. Without having a masculine or somewhat masculine figure in the house, young boys are growing up weaker. These young men then talk about things such as toxic masculinity and why being manly is a negative thing. This is not for everyone who grows up without a father figure or masculine head in the house, I am just giving examples.

Contrarily, if young boys grow up with a masculine father or a father who shows up for them and their family, the boys will have a great role model to look up to. If they go on camping trips together, learn how to split wood, start a fire, cook food over a fire, go fishing, hunting, work on cars together, do projects around the house, play catch in the yard, and the list goes on and on for activities a father and son can do together. They will build a bond, the son will have a positive role model, and he will see what it is to be a masculine man. He will be able to grow into a masculine man and see the importance in masculinity in society. These bonds and connections are so important in a young mans life and allows for that young man to become a role model for the next generation coming up.

I will talk more in future blogs about how society is killing masculinity. Today was for a quick preface. I believe we are entering a trying time for weak, non masculine men and it is going to be a trying time in America’s history.

Weak men create hard times – hard times create strong men – strong men create good times – good times create weak men – and the cycle repeats.

Whether you are male or female, get out and do something masculine this week.

Your life tutor

-Shaun Tutor


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